Katrina Nelson


Katrina has been training and showing horses professionally since 2010, she has owned and trained several horses since 2000. She has also taken high quality horse lessons, clinics, and informational classes since 1996. Katrina has worked with, and trained under, extremly reputable, and high quality barns, breeders, and trainers, and has studied several different types of breeding, riding, and showing. She is known for her success in the show ring, winning several grand, and reserve championships, year-end high points, futurities, and national, and world championship placings. She has also had a few years working in the veterinary field, before starting her own business. 

Katrina is the owner of Katrina Nelson Training Center, show exhibiter, trainer, barn manager, instructor, bander, braider, groomer, horse caretaker, breeder, and co transporter.

Matt Nelson

Matt has been around horses since 2004, due to being in a relationship with Katrina. He is a good helper, considering that he has always been afraid of horses. He helps Katrina exhibit some of the horses, when a extra hand is needed. He also helps Katrina set up and break down stalls, clean tack and stalls, feed the horses, and with the business and paperwork side of Katrina Nelson Training Center.


Matt is the horse transporter, co owner of Katrina Nelson Training Center, extra exhibitor, maintenance worker, barn laborer, show horse handler, and set up helper.